Ramen Nagi Singapore

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Tokyo's Award-winning Ramen Chain

With over 50 outlets spread across Asia, Ramen Nagi brings its handcrafted steaming bowls of ramen to the heart of Singapore.

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Shrimp King

Imagine the fall of Japan’s blossoming Sakura flowers this season as you sip on a piping hot bowl of Shrimp King! Fragrant shrimp oil adds a savoury touch to Nagi’s award-winning tonkotsu pork-broth – a luxuriant and flavourful infusion of strong ocean notes! Topped with kawaii pink sakura shrimps, creamy shrimp paste and succulent chashu slices, it’s a delightful treat of shrimp madness! Launching 23 April and only 400 bowls available! Don’t miss it!

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